Post India, Pre New Year

People keep asking, "How was India?" The only reply I can seem to muster is, "It was EVERYTHING." That vibrant country displays so many polarities and can be quite the assault on my senses. I'm feeling raw and a bit fragile, but allowing myself to experience that, even explore it. I'm incredibly grateful for the way India breaks my heart in the most beautiful of ways and affords me a new perspective to experience myself and our world.

Through all the uncertainties and unfamiliarities faced in third-world travel, I am reminded that not having answers can be a very compelling thing. I'm constantly shown the universal truth that everything is always in a state of flux; nothing is fixed or permanent. Hallelujah for that! And what a beautiful reminder as we journey into the New Year and explore what it is that we truly want to align with.

A few years ago, I quit making resolutions. It was either radical or lazy, I wasn't sure at the time. Instead of toiling over a list of all the things I would or would not do, I began setting a few simple intentions. Sometimes they were just one word I chose to focus on. This began to be a very powerful practice in my life. Things I could not have even imagined began to manifest right before my eyes!

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines resolution as "an answer or solution to something". By making resolutions, you are almost self imposing the expectation that you know exactly what you do or do not need (for an entire year!). This does not leave much room for the ebb and flow in life, the individual changes that you will undoubtedly endure.

Intention, however, is described as "a determination to act in a certain way". Wow, now we're talking! No wonder this has been a much more effective practice. An intention is something steadfast in the mind and heart, yet organic in application. It meets you where you are, giving you something to align with and explore in new ways, over and over again.

If you are local, join me to define your intentions, flow, and ring in the New Year at Padme Yoga. If you are elsewhere, consider meditating on these simple questions: What is it that you truly desire? Don't be shy! How can you begin to align your actions to manifest this in you/around you? Keep it simple and start now!

Love from on the mat and around the world,Tristina

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