Traveling India & Finding a Guru


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." ~Buddhist Proverb From the moment my toes first spread wide across the yoga mat, and years later when they stepped off the plane onto Bali soil, I knew these two practices would forever be woven into the fabric of my life. Both travel and yoga have opened my eyes and heart wider than I ever knew possible. And yet, even with a wealth of the two in my life, I've often found myself seeking. Feeling a void. Reading a lot about eastern mysticism and the role of gurus in people’s lives with a sense of fascination, but also deep-rooted longing. I wanted a guru! Some all-knowing, enlightened being that would float into the picture, explain the truth of the world, and reveal all the tools I needed to be happy and free. I’ve read the above Buddhist proverb many times with frustration thinking, “But I AM READY! Where is this teacher?!” To be honest, I’ve secretly hoped to find a guru every time I’ve gone to India and, during the past month traveling through the Motherland, it finally happened! After meeting with a modern-day spiritual saint, participating in a puja ceremony with Brahmins, taking yoga from masters, learning to play the harmonium, and being blessed by countless locals, I came to the realization that there is no greater truth, brilliance or love than that which is inside me. Everything I’ve been yearning to find in another: the knowledge, the enlightenment, the freedom…I already have it all! We can waste so much time and energy looking and seeking outside of ourselves when the responsibility lies within each of us. Our guru is right here and always has been. When we realize this, there’s nothing more to be sought and only an abundance to be revealed. Remembering this over and over becomes the practice. I am so excited to be home and share. I hope to be a mirror that prompts you to see the amazingness of you.

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