Wake Up

As I was riding my bike to the studio to teach, I came upon this man who was walking across the street, head down, eyes on his phone & headphones in his ears. A car was approaching and didn’t seem to be slowing down. Maybe that driver, too, was distracted by something.

At first I held my breath. Then a big gasp came in and I yelled, “HEY!” Finally, the man walking glanced up & was able to stop in his tracks as the car whizzed past, just inches from his body. The crazy thing is that, as soon as the car was gone, he just looked back down to his cell phone and continued crossing the street. We have this whole virtual world at the tips of our fingers and yet we have begun to forget the real world that’s right in front of us. The things that are happening moment-by-moment start to go unnoticed and a small, but real, disconnect begins to form between ourselves and the other people around us. The way that we can drive down streets that are singing the technicolor beauty of fall and somehow not notice is reflected in how easy it can be to sit across from someone and never really hear or see them.

For me, to practice yoga is to practice waking up. And it's just that: a constant PRACTICE.

To tune into the subtleties of each moment with curiosity and wonder. Though I still have numerous moments of distraction/checking out, I can now identity them a little quicker and shift my awareness. I am so grateful. 💖

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