June 5-12, 2020

North Thailand Retreat

Fall in love with the heart of Thailand by spending seven nights in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. The city is full of culture, friendly locals, incredible food markets, dozens of beautiful temples, a relaxed vibe, beautiful landscapes. 

Trek the highest mountain in Thailand to visit local villages and a mountain coffee plantation. Meditate in the mysterious Hidden Temple and experience the wonder of the historic Doi Suthep golden temple. Indulge in a day with over 60 elephants at the spectacular Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary. Use your spare time to relax by the pool, get massages, and eat/shop your way through the world famous Thailand street markets!

We are also SO excited to offer the Laos Add-on option. After traveling all that way, why not extend your stay & take in another incredible country?? Laos is just a short flight away (1h10m) and it's one of the most majestic and untouched places in the world. The giant limestone karsts and the magnificent Mekong River are sights to behold. The local people and the cuisine are incredible.